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Hey again! Last time we talked about the power of habits and how they determine the direction your life is heading in! Today I’m going to expand on that even more. Before we were talking about how the small habits that make up your daily life, such as your morning cup of coffee, reading the daily paper, or an evening jog can impact your life. Today, I’m going to talk about creating the habit of SUCCESS, or failure, in your life.

Today’s concept:
Showing up early is a habit.
Finishing the race is a habit.
Success is a habit.
So is mediocrity and failure.

One of the most powerful forms of habits is HOW we do things. Because, how you do anything is how you do EVERYTHING. Do you have a habit of procrastinating? Do you have the habit of always finishing what you start? Do you have the habit of getting distracted? Do you have the habit of giving your 100%, and doing whatever it takes, to get something done?

There are a couple different ways that this form of habits can really effect us. The first, and most obvious way is that, for example, you have the habit of procrastinating. If this is something that occurs regularly in your life then things don’t get done, deadlines are missed, your “To Do” list keeps getting longer and longer, you miss out on important opportunities.. etc. Or say you have the habit of getting distracted. You probably have an endless list of things that you’ve started, but never got to finish. And you never really get the full value out of the things you take part in since they never get finished. And on top of that, your likely rushed to get things done if you are ever on a deadline!

Of course, on the flip side, if you have the habit of always finishing what you start and giving your 100% to anything you do, you’re going to be more productive and able to take advantage of new opportunities that come your way. And you’ll probably be more fulfilled and stress free, knowing that you can finish anything new that you take on!

Lets learn how to create the habit of success in your life. Success, like any other habit, is something that can be consciously added to your daily routine. The easiest, and funnest, way to do this is to start out by celebrating all the small wins you have throughout the day! See, your mind doesn’t know if you are celebrating a little win, or a big win. So when you start celebrating even the smallest successes you have throughout the day, you start to create the habit of FEELING successful. And as this feeling of success becomes a habit in your mind, you will naturally start having bigger wins! Why? Because this is your new HABIT! Your mind becomes accustomed to feeling successful, and so, as you start to take on bigger tasks or projects, you’re still going to create for yourself the same FEELING when you complete these activities as well.

So how do you celebrate these small successes throughout the day? First, lets create an “anchor”. An anchor is something that you do to remind yourself of a certain feeling so that you can get that same feeling back on command! So, for your successful habit anchor, you could try doing a little fist pump, or saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to yourself (in your head is ok ;). Or even just closing your eyes for a quick 5 seconds and picturing fireworks and a cheering crowd egging you on! Go ahead and pick an anchor for yourself and then we’ll put it into context.

Ok perfect! So you have your anchor now. Now every time throughout the day that you have a small little win, your going to celebrate to yourself with your anchor. Lets say you’ve had trouble leaving for work on time in the past, but today you managed to leave the house right on time so you don’t have to rush. Time to celebrate! Then on your lunch break you decide to go for a healthy option, even though you were REALLY craving that burger. Yay, we get to celebrate again!! And then when you got home for the day, you decided to read a motivational book instead of turning on the TV. ANOTHER win for you!!

Doing this activity day in and day out will start to have a profound influence on what you can achieve for yourself. You’ll start building the habit of success in your life. And soon, you’ll be successfully completing tasks that you were struggling with before! You’ll even find you’re more successful at new tasks that you take on, even if they would have scared you away in the past! Your mind is now programmed to have the habit of success, and that’s what you’ll continue creating!

This concept is so soo sooo important! The power of habits are undeniable. This is a fun and easy way to start building the habit of success in your life. And as you start doing it, you’ll start recognizing even more and more things as little wins. It just keeps growing and growing!

The other reason this is so important, is because if you are too hard on yourself, you can unknowingly create the habit of failure / mediocrity in your life. If you’re always thinking to yourself “Oh, I could have done that better,” or “Well I was on time today but that doesn’t make up for all of last week,” your mind starts to think that you are failing at all of these little things. And then guess what happens? When you take on that big important project, you’ve subconsciously already programmed yourself to fail!

Setting the habit of success is soo important! Because success is a habit. And so is failure and mediocrity.

Stay tuned tomorrow as I break down your “To Do” list, and help you become more productive throughout the day!
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