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This is an interesting concept that I was introduced to several weeks back now. When you’re figuring out how to achieve your goals, there are a number of things that come into play, but this concept I’m about to share with you today really hit a home run..

I was on a Master Mind call with several of the leaders in my home business, and we were talking about productivity and what was holding several of us back from achieving the results that we desired to create in our businesses.

I had spoken up and said “I felt like I was doing quite a bit of work, posting lots of ads, making lots of posts on Facebook/my blog, etc.., but I wasn’t speaking with as many prospects as I would like to be.”

The response I got was “Well Bethany, if its not enough, then its not enough.”

That one really hit home for me. It took me right out of my own perspective, where I thought I was “really trying hard” (keyword there “trying”) but not seeing the results I desired. I was able to look at the situation from an outside view and it just rang so true for me.

Sometimes it can be difficult to admit to yourself that you’re not really doing everything in your power to achieve the goals you’ve set out. But the truth is, you can’t be upset about the results you haven’t gotten, from the work you haven’t done.

This was a really be “Ah Ha” moment for me. I changed my attitude from “I’ll give this my best shot” and hoping for the results to come in from my “best” efforts. To, I will do WHATEVER it takes to make this business successful for myself. Can you feel the difference in intention when you read those two statements? I’ll say it again, change your attitude from “I’ll try my best” to “I will do whatever it takes to succeed”. Such a massive difference in energy there! When it comes to the question of how to achieve your goals, having this new energy towards my business made all the difference for me!

The next week after changing this attitude, I nearly tripled the number of prospects I had spoken to from the week where I was “giving it my best shot”.

I truly believe that success is just a decision away. And when you make that decision, and fully commit to it, nothing will stop you from achieving your deepest desires! I’m not talking about necessarily working on your goals 24/7, with no personal time and no time for fun. But when you energetically commit 100% to the goals you are going after, and put out the vibration that you will make it happen, no matter what, it makes a world of difference!

When you change your vibration from “I will do my best” to “I will do WHATEVER it takes”, the Universe will have no choice but to deliver it to  you!

What do you think about this concept? Are you ready to fully commit to your goals and dreams, and to do whatever it takes to create the reality you truly desire? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this concept!